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Gökotta - Sustainability Innovation

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Gökotta was created as the result of the Innovation in Sustainability course , at the MBA in Design Strategy at California College of the Arts.


Project manager

Content Strategy

Storyboard Creation



Sustainability Innovation, Service design, costumer journey maps, persona creation, prototyping

TEAM MEMBER: Ryan, Meaghan, Denial, Cynthia, Di

Gökotta: a beautiful Swedish word, meaning “act of rising early in the morning to hear the first birds sing in nature.”


'Digital addition' for kids as a real threat. Parents struggling with problems causing by the overuse of technology, such as withdraw symptoms, lack of interest on other activities, and social disengagement.

Design Thinking Process:


A unique subscription box that connects children with nature organically, even at home. Through the tailored system of games, kids are encouraged to connect with parents/other people on several topics around nature organically.

Each Gökotta is tailored by different culture, and it is based on nature topics around the four seasons.

Parents can personalize the box based on kids' preferences.



  1. Order: It all begins with one click, order the Gökotta seasonal box on our website.

  2. Build: Once receiving the box, build it follow by the instruction. Games are created accordingly based on season characters.

  3. Exchange: Exchange/share it within Gökotta community through the app! Everything in the box is recyclable and reusable!

Spring - Planting Box

Spring Gökotta box is focused on all things soil. Learn how soil make things alive through fun games at home.

Summer - Scavenger hunt box

Summer Gökotta box is focused on all things solar. Find out how things work through the solar system by our designed scavenger hunt!

Autumn - Painting Box

Autumn Gökotta box is focused on all things gravity. Inspire your children’ creativity with withered leaves and go paint in nature with nature colors!

Winter - Painting Box

Winter Gökotta box is focused on all things global warming. Doesn’t snow at your home town? Try our mini-snow making machine in your own yard and make a snow men!

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