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About me:

"Creativity is not a talent.  It is a way of operating." - John Cleese 

I believe creativity is both passion and commitment. My personal passion lies in leveraging accountability and resource efficiency as a driver for innovation. 

Design Strategy  Innovation 
Business Model Design 

Stakeholder Engagement  Branding  

Project Management    Service Design 

Creative Initiatives

I create strategies for better products/services 

using design thinking methodology.

I’m persistently obsessed with the ‘why’.


Not the first why, that’s easy, but rather the next half dozen. The ‘whys’ that force you to get your hands dirty and address the problem, not just a symptom. I’m equally excited about the ‘how might we’ - balancing insights with ideation and implementation to invent new business models, create internal organizational systems, and design services that foster customer loyalty.

With my experience in strategy-centred roles across design, public relations, branding, corporate strategy, and a recent innovation-focused MBA, one of my greatest strengths is fluency across many of the different ‘languages’ found in an organization.

At my core is a knack for making a plan of action to achieve a goal and get others on board. I believe ambiguity can be a valuable compass, being organized makes you more flexible, and choosing what to take out is often more important than what to add.

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